Komission haku rajavalvonnan parantamiseen

9.2.2018 10.26
Komission haku rajavalvonnan parantamiseen

Euroopan komissio on avannut haun sisäisen turvallisuuden rahaston ulkorajavalvontaa koskevasta rahoitusvälineestä. Haku koskee rajavalvonnan parantamista.

Haun nimenä on:

Call for proposals for Member States to support the improvement of border surveillance by enhancing cooperation between Member States in the framework of EUROSUR, including, whenever appropriate, cooperation with third countries

Haku on avoinna 20.3.2018 (klo 17 Brysselin aikaa) asti ja haettavana on yhteensä 4,5 milj. €.

Haun painopisteet ovat seuraavat:

(1) Collection and exchange of the information on the European Situational Picture and the Common Pre-frontier Intelligence Picture of EUROSUR, in order to prevent irregular departures of migrants and for early identification of smugglers, as foreseen in the EU Action Plan against migrant smuggling

(2) Support to Member States capacities to detect and track small vessels

(3) Cooperation between neighbouring Member States and of Member States with third countries in the framework of EUROSUR

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